The Extinction of Being Platform Agnostic

I was just sitting here thinking about the week’s computing news, Google I/O Conference’s Nexus 7, Nexus Q, and Project Glass’s demo/developer availability ($1500, not bad). I thought about earlier news, Microsoft releasing the Surface tablets, the killing of Windows Phone 7’s upgradability to Windows 8, and the continued positive impressions from those spending more time with Windows 8 and the Metro UI. And then there is Apple with iOS 6, thinner and sharper-screened laptops (don’t ask about upgrading those), and refinements in the operational aspects of the company that keep them trucking. You know, there is almost nothing major to note of those initiatives that are not vertically integrated like these. I mean yea, you’ve got your Kickstarter projects (Pebble, Tricorder Project, etc.), but largely speaking, if you aren’t in any of the major computing nations, you might as well not even exist.

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