A History of Prose, Slightly Formatted

Given some events this week, I’ve been given some extra time to learn a few things new. One of those new(ish) items on my plate has been to explore a bit more the use of TiddlyWiki for my personal use. After stumbling upon a working PAMP server for my Nokia N8, I next got to work relearning TiddlyWiki and how I could best utilize it as a notebook. What’s been most interesting so far is that I’m finding that there are pieces of my life that I’ve not done the best job of keeping organized. At this moment, that happens to be my collections of poetry. Besides stumbling onto the fact that I’ve really got a lot written, that much of it is in a document format that isn’t usable on most devices without a MS Word viewer is pretty discouraging. Continue reading “A History of Prose, Slightly Formatted”