Is the Internet An Unfinished Demo

These are the kinds of reads that I like on Sundays (a day I set aside to read deeper and find those thoughts which are challenging). This was found on Saturday, but still fits my flow. Am hoping that my second and third reads push my md even further.

The aim of this paper is to look at the deficiencies of the current Internet architecture, consider a deeper understanding on why the current architecture is failing to provide solutions and contrast the traditional beliefs on networking with new ones, coming from a network architecture based on the fundamentals. First, we briefly introduce the early history of packet-switched networking to provide the reader with background for the discussion that follows. We highlight the main issues that the current Internet faces and expose the architectural decisions that lead to these problems. Next, we present RINA (Recursive InterNetwork Architecture), a network architecture based on fundamentals among which is that networking is interprocess communication and only IPC. We show the fundamental principles from which RINA is derived, the core elements of the architecture and give a simple example of communication. The adoption of RINA as the architecture for the future networks would enable enhanced security, inherent support for quality of service, mobility, multi-homing, offer new market opportunities and decrease the complexity of the current technology by an order of magnitude.

Is the Internet An Unfinished Demo (PDF), via @martingeddis on Twitter