If I Went Android, I’d Probably Have Similar Actions

Android isn’t designed for you. It’s designed for your carrier. It’s open for them first.

The whole Android 4.0 upgrade saga leads directly into a huge question: Is Android really designed with the end-user in mind? Yes, Google likes to say that Android is free and open, but free and open for whom? It’s been increasingly clear that Android is free and open for carriers and Android device manufacturers, and Google’s reluctance to enforce any strong control over the platform so far has absolutely no advantages for the user. In fact, does Google really care about the end-user, given that the reason why the company is focused on making Android successful is because it has a vested interest in placing their web services in front of as many people as possible? Android is free and open, isn’t it? Yes, free and open for Android device manufacturers to ship unnecessary, slow, ugly and tacky custom UIs along with loads of unwanted and often uninstallable bloatware that fill up the app launcher. Yes, free and open for carriers to dump their own bloatware onto the devices on top of what’s already there, along with their own boot screens and UI modifications. What is the point of designing a polished, consistent and cohesive user interface for Android 4.0 if every single Android device manufacturer, by virtue of the platform being ‘free and open’, comes along and pisses on it? I’ve realized that I simply cannot support and promote a platform that is designed for everyone but the user.

Alvin really goes into why Android doesn’t work for him. I can’t blame him one bit. And I can see so much of what I would have done and thought if I went that route.

The perspectives of mobile for fans/heavier users is a lot different than the norm.