Carnival of the MobilistsAnother week, and another Carnival of the Mobilists. Its a packed collection of posts over at MobiThinking this week featuring a more colorful than usual slate.

Icons – iconic or redundant?

In an amusing, thought-provoking and nicely illustrated post that should be compulsory reading for all mobile user-experience/mobile designers, Scott Hanselman on Scott Hanselman’s Computer Zen points out 15 icons – those little pictures commonly found on the mobile devices and PCs, to denote this or that application or function – that hark back to things that don’t mean much anymore. Check out: The Floppy Disk means Save, and 14 other old people Icons that don’t make sense anymore. Bet you can’t resist reading the comments section.
When he looks at the icons on a new mobile handset, it’s not the imagery of the icons that riles Antoine RJ Wright, it’s the pointlessness of the function that it stands for. In the firing line are the icons for battery power, snooze alarm/ignore call, and Web browsers. “He said what?!”… You’ll have to read Antiquated Features of Modern Mobile Phones to find out more.

Grab your drink of choice and check it out (and throw me your thoughts on my contribution).