[Palm Addict] Mobile, PA, and 7Yrs

Mobile Ministry Magazine (logo)Today is e 7 year anniversary of Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM) being online. That’s something that almost didn’t happen. At the Lord’s suggestion of going online with it, I didn’t think that it would be something usable, let alone sustainable. And yet here things are, 7 years later. It wouldn’t have probably jumped online if not for Palm Addict:

I’m getting a chance to look back at 7 years of doing MMM and its been interesting. I’ve had all kinds of trouble with posting images and video until I figured out how to easily do the YouTube embed code on a mobile. Archiving has also been interesting – and its been there that Dropbox has probably been better than most. Each device, each service that I’ve used has been infused with some sense of “if its going to be mobile, then it better add some time to my life.” That’s been one of the lessons that seems to resonate throughout Palm Addict, and clearly has done the same with me as I’ve evolved with MMM…

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Palm Addict has a lot to do with MMM. Am very grateful for Sammy’s support and the posts there that have tuned my thinking on mobile in ways that I am still only beginning to understand.