Time, The Reason Why Mobile Fails

The other day, while wading through the chatter happening on Twitter, I came across a post from Mjive talking about mobile as the future. Now, I definitely don’t disagree with the intention, I just think that the article is about half a decade late. Mobile is the present.

Well, anyways, as I pondered that piece, as well as my own milestones within this space, something (probably instigated by Nigel), jumped out at me. After a few revisions. It became a tweet:

If mobile doesn’t add time to your experiences, why are you letting it put so many demands on your values and $$$?

That tweet took me several more minutes to process. I got it, but as I stewed a bit more, I realized how much it’s been staring me in the face and I have missed it. To date, mobile (and the Internet) has been a major time suck. And people are just letting it leak their lives dry.

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