This is Nokia’s Next

Nokia is perhaps the only other company with a similar level of experience and capability in logistics and manufacturing mobile devices as Apple; indeed, logistics is arguably more in the company’s DNA than mobile phone design is, and has been for over a century. In the long run, it could be that this mobile phone era ends up being no more than an extremely profitable ‘blip’ for Nokia. Jack Schulze and I once speculated it might find an effective business through exerting its logistics muscle as a platform for others, as a form of high-quality ‘app store’ for physical products.”

Domus Portable Cathedrals

I need to write on this in detail. But this is near what I’ve assumed about Nokia for sometime.

Side note: this article made me want an N9 even more. The way its described. If I could keep my N8 for photos, yes I’d go to the N9 as my next. Since its my birthday today, this is a good request right? The 64GB version with a green or orange body.

Then, I’d build the next mobile disruption 😉

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  1. Many thanks Nigel. I’ve written something similar as well, but that article really but it out there quite well. I need to revisit how I’ve looked at Elop’s motions with Nokia and see if he sees similar. I know OPK did, and that’s what they were moving to. Remains to be seen if they will, but that quote, especially in the framing of that article, seems too spot on.

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