Poem: Thirty-3

There are three before me
Then a dash
Then three after me
Then some space

Before me there has been activity enough to startle a bear
Enough to feed a fish some cares
And enough loss to add to Bambi’s tears

I’ve been at the moment of shaking hands with kings and puppets
At the moment where life is but a blip on the screen until I awake
If I continue this way I’m sure to see more grace
Be pulled out of another physical or financial ache
And reap something of a reward
Even if the compliments come years after they were petitioned for

Before me lies a kind of perspective many keep telling me is genius
Enough imagination to change the world yet again
And enough entropy to be just one of a percent never counted

Then there’s some space
Space to breathe
Space to knit
Hold close onto what matters
Mapping those chances that I choose to never live away
There’s that space after this three dash three that breathes easier
And struggles to take its rightful place ahead
This is the space that I know I have left to live
And before that a life dash life lived

There has been three numbered before me
There are three numbered with me
There might be something like three in the space that comes next
But for what it is worth
I’ll enjoy 33 for what it altogether means.