My Ignite Charlotte 4 Talk: The Big Wheel Effect of Digital Finger Painting

I’ve been waiting for this to go live for sometime now. But here it now is – my 5 minute talk at Ignite Charlotte 4 speaking about the effect that seeing your mobile device(s) in a different light can show you your world in a bit more color than you might have seen it before. And yes, I totally used the idea of a Big Wheel to kick into it.

I was very honored to be selected to present for Ignite Charlotte. I’d taken a shot in the dark in doing so after listening to a presentation at BarCamp Charlotte 6 some months before about what it takes to be an Ignite presenter. The subject though that I wanted to speak about was art, and somehow, I wanted to spark folks to think about drawing and creating in a way that pushed the limits of things, just as when we had nothing but playtime to do so as kids.

Some notes about my talk:
– all of the sides, except for the ones without backgrounds, used art that I’d drawn at various points. My fav is the chandler – one that (used to) hang at Amelie’s Bakery
– I rarely see myself speak, and so the hand motions I didn’t expect. Then again, it did keep my timing going
– All the jokes were done on the spot – I forgot a sizable chunk of what I scripted; those slides helped *me*

I hope that you enjoy the talk, and that you take the time to listen/watch the others also on that same YouTube channel, or by going to the Ignite Charlotte website ( Really a great group of talks that night, and I couldn’t have been positioned in a better slot.

As for the artwork, its for sale – but its all digital. I’ve not yet figured out the best method to do print+framing at this point (ideas welcome).

Go spark a #BigWheelMoment in your community, or just take the time to see the colors around you a bit clearer.