[Palm Addict] Mobile, PA, and 7Yrs

Mobile Ministry Magazine (logo)Today is e 7 year anniversary of Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM) being online. That’s something that almost didn’t happen. At the Lord’s suggestion of going online with it, I didn’t think that it would be something usable, let alone sustainable. And yet here things are, 7 years later. It wouldn’t have probably jumped online if not for Palm Addict:

I’m getting a chance to look back at 7 years of doing MMM and its been interesting. I’ve had all kinds of trouble with posting images and video until I figured out how to easily do the YouTube embed code on a mobile. Archiving has also been interesting – and its been there that Dropbox has probably been better than most. Each device, each service that I’ve used has been infused with some sense of “if its going to be mobile, then it better add some time to my life.” That’s been one of the lessons that seems to resonate throughout Palm Addict, and clearly has done the same with me as I’ve evolved with MMM…

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Palm Addict has a lot to do with MMM. Am very grateful for Sammy’s support and the posts there that have tuned my thinking on mobile in ways that I am still only beginning to understand.

BarCamp Charlotte (7): Pitches, Conversations, and a Sketchnote

This past Saturday, I had the privilege to attend for the second time BarCamp Charlotte. This was the 7th iteration of this event – designed to bring together technologists, artists, startups, politicians, and generally speaking, anyone who was interested in using whatever they are most passionate about for improving their communities. Being that it was visit #2 for me, I took some additional interest in attending and trying to do a few things different this time around.

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Living Mobile and My Follies in Computer Platform Knowledge

In the past 24hrs, I’ve been asked by two people questions that relate specifically to functionality and features of Windows 7 and Apple OSX laptops. The questions threw me for a loop in part because I was asked. But, the other part of the loop came because I’m nearing that point where my knowledge of whatever problems and opportunities lie in fixing issues related to getting the best use out of those "dekstop’ operating system platforms has pretty much gone dry. And I’m not the least caring that it is.

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Time, The Reason Why Mobile Fails

The other day, while wading through the chatter happening on Twitter, I came across a post from Mjive talking about mobile as the future. Now, I definitely don’t disagree with the intention, I just think that the article is about half a decade late. Mobile is the present.

Well, anyways, as I pondered that piece, as well as my own milestones within this space, something (probably instigated by Nigel), jumped out at me. After a few revisions. It became a tweet:

If mobile doesn’t add time to your experiences, why are you letting it put so many demands on your values and $$$?

That tweet took me several more minutes to process. I got it, but as I stewed a bit more, I realized how much it’s been staring me in the face and I have missed it. To date, mobile (and the Internet) has been a major time suck. And people are just letting it leak their lives dry.

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3 Reads, No Hype, Just Opportunity in Different Stages

If you have seen my (constantly moving) Twitter stream, you know that there’s a point in each day where I’m just rattling through several reads. And yes, I do read them all – hence the preface [Reading] versus the normal RT prefix. Well, here are a few that caught my eye just this morning, and each begs their own attention – but I saw a thread with them all. My quotes are where they thread for me – perhaps in reading the entire pieces you’ll find a means to break through the hype before your ears and eyes and capture something like the opportunity that lies in these moments.

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Reflecting on the UX of Working in A Coffeeshop

The other night, I attended a talk titled The Psychology of UX. Great talk, but one of the comments made towards the end of the time has really stuck in my head:

…what you have been talking about looks like the web from 1995. When are we going to get into the rich media and contextual-driven experiences that take advantage of the tech and abilities of the people using them?

Ok, not a direct quote. But very close to the sentiment from the person who also mentioned that they were a part of the team that built Siri. And closer still to how I think that many people think not just about their technologies and tools, but how they are being used – and what should be better about them given what we have in our hands and where we have been in times past.

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Better, Worse, or Just Different

Over the past months, I’ve waxed all kinds of poetic about my mobile perspective. On one end, there’s the ease at which those things I consume on mobile become mine, versus staying in a silo waiting for me to figure the methods to remove and archive them. I’ve had my server, my extensions, my business card/landing page, and a slew of device-led experiences that have lent me to want mobile of a specific kind – one that doesn’t lend itself well to some of the primary players in the market. I could take on a perspective similar to Ewan, that mobile today isn’t better than what it was 10(ish) years ago… and I’d be both right and wrong. Continue reading “Better, Worse, or Just Different”

This is Nokia’s Next

Nokia is perhaps the only other company with a similar level of experience and capability in logistics and manufacturing mobile devices as Apple; indeed, logistics is arguably more in the company’s DNA than mobile phone design is, and has been for over a century. In the long run, it could be that this mobile phone era ends up being no more than an extremely profitable ‘blip’ for Nokia. Jack Schulze and I once speculated it might find an effective business through exerting its logistics muscle as a platform for others, as a form of high-quality ‘app store’ for physical products.”

Domus Portable Cathedrals

I need to write on this in detail. But this is near what I’ve assumed about Nokia for sometime.

Side note: this article made me want an N9 even more. The way its described. If I could keep my N8 for photos, yes I’d go to the N9 as my next. Since its my birthday today, this is a good request right? The 64GB version with a green or orange body.

Then, I’d build the next mobile disruption 😉

Evolving the Idea of Enterprise/Office Productivity

Yesterday, Nokia’s announcement of availability of Microsoft Office for (some) Nokia Symbian mobile devices got me thinking about something of an evolution that I’ve had towards enterprise/office productivity over the years. I can make the argument that the behavior of word and data processing on a mobile for me began when I got my first PDA in 2000 (a Palm IIIxe). And since that point, I’ve made some interesting changes, some of which makes me wonder about the whole idea of using apps for this at all – at least where some types of information/data are concerned.

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In Between the Wheels for 30 Days

This month, I’ve thrown my activities into joining several thousand (!) others in doing the 30 Days of Biking Challenge. The goal is ismply to get on the bicycle each day for 30 days. For me, I thought this would be a pretty doable proposition – with any exception of spring rains. Well, Its been nine days of the month, and I’ve ridden five. Can’t make up days, but I can make better efforts.

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Good Friday and Easter Told Thru A Mobile Lens

Good Friday and Easter Told Through a Mobile Lens (Part 1, Part 2) – via Mobile Ministry Magazine

I published this last year, and it was something of a neat moment. In the spirit of things web, I’m just reposting it. Perhaps the story makes a bit more sense when its easier to take some of the rudaments of our day and see how they could play a part in a older story. Perhaps it takes something away from the original. I’ve reread it many times and the pressure and releases of the moment get to me. Its not just more real, its faith realized a bit closer to home.