The Business Card Collector App/Service Idea

An old friend reached out to me via LinkedIn today asking if I had any contacts or information towards folks who do some branded promotional items. That’s not usually something within my realm, but I did remember that at a recent networking/information session for the DNC that I attended for another friend, that I did come across some folks that did this kind of thing. Their business cards, along with about a hunderd or more others from other events, were in one of my bags, inside of an envelope, waiting for me to figure out what to do with them. You see, the folks whom I’ve already assigned some prominence to are in my mobile already, with a few otthers sitting in LinkedIn. But, the rest, really, they are in that envelope – or worse, still in emails, with little thought of what to do with them outside of those domains. I need a CRM, but first, I need to get those contacts whom aren’t digital into that format so that whatever CRM that I use can actually be used.

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Jeff Bezos is Ben Franklin (Insert Library Filter)

I was just redownloading the Kindle app onto my iPad, after a few months of just using Kindle Cloud reader, and noticed something interesting in the text on the front of the app: "download all of the books that you own." I thought that was a bit misleading because with the Kindle service, you don't own anything. You are granted access rights, but ownership, nope.
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Microsoft Research Showing Transparent & Kinect-Like Desktop Computing Interface

This is a neat video, though probably not something that is too far from the minds of some people in respect to how they work. The way that the screen and keyboard are positioned are similar to how I position my iPad and keyboard – so I can see quite easily the benefits of such an approach. Adding the ability to track eyes and hands would make how I work better for sure – though I do wonder on the need for a physical keyboard (beside the fatigue factor). I wonder if the presence of the keyboard helps in regard to being able to spatially orient the display.

nsquared Presenter 2.0 and 2037

I finally got to watching this presentation of nsquared Presenter 2.0 without buffering, and perhaps it has something to do with my 7 day old niece resting on my chest as I watch it. Don’t know, but glad I could see the tech as seamless as a video on my iPad allows. Thing is, I come away from it thinking that in 2037 (when my niece is 25), my niece could look back at this with the kind of novel glee that I do the Jetsons and Transformers – imaginative, but not quite the truth.

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