All Books on GitHub

All Books ScreenshotHere I am again trying to learn something new w/o making the manual my best friend :p

I’ve added my All Books Project to Github for those who might be interested in taking a look as to what I’ve been working on. Right now, that’s just the UX. I’ll get the readme an such updated in time (hijacked my lady’s PC in order to put this up there; shame I can’t do this remote).

As of now, I’m not really planning to do much more to it before I finish some lessons with JavaScript and figure out the speed issues on my Nokia N8. But, if you’ve got ideas, or want to jump in, well, there it is. Unless I find a suitable app on my iPad, or Textastic gets updated to support GitHub, there’s a good chance that many of my updates won’t make it to the master trunk in good time if others start jumping into it. That’s not to say you shouldn’t, but that I’ve built this for me, and am sharing this code as I’m at a point now where I’d gain no more benefit from keeping it under wraps.

Oh… the colors, measurements, and arrangement is all for a reason. That will be explained in the ReadMe.