CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – CCCADI and MoCADA’s Artist Call to Action

H(A)UNTED – Curated by: Shantrelle P. Lewis

“I do not care a damn for any art that is not used for propaganda.” ~ W.E.B. du Bois, 1926

In a world in which Blackness is visually over-determined—both as hyper-visible and invisible—there is no ocular meme more pervasive in American society than that of the so-called violent and dangerous Black male, who is always already in need of pursuit, capture, incarceration and inevitably extermination.” ~ Mark Anthony Neale, 2012

“May #TrayvonMartin haunt us and rattle our homes to their foundations and throw dishes and ruin freshly-baked cakes and abuse our pets and scream and wail in the recesses of our consciousnesses as Beloved did Sethe’s.” ~ Son of Baldwin, 2012

“Young African American men die at a rate that is at least 1.5 times the rate of young white and Hispanic men, and almost three times the rate of young Asian men (Fig. 6). While the death rate drops for men ages 25 to 29 for most groups, it continues to rise among African Americans.” ~ Stats from Kaiser Family Foundation, 2006

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