Caught this from the Mobile User Experience blog today:

Hockney has a history of experimenting with new tools, but his use of the iPad deserves special attention. It is unusual for new technology to be so readily embraced by a 75 year old and speaks to the universal appeal of the device.

The iPad works are arranged in chronological order, enabling visitors to chart the artist’s changing use of the device. It is a prolific collection, averaging one picture a day over a couple of months. The experimentation with techniques is clear to see. In some Hockney builds up colours and shadow with many individual line strokes, in others he uses touches of a digital airbrush to create clouds. Some rely heavily on colours blended with a finger tip.

Most remarkable of all, however, is the scale. The pictures are huge, yet printed at such fine resolution that even close-up it is hard to discern they are made of pixels rather than pigments. To achieve this, Hockney transposed his established technique of working on canvases in sections. Each overall image was created by zooming and scrolling around a large virtual canvas, allowing the artist to construct each part of the grid in fine detail, so that it could be printed at size without pixelation.

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I shouldn’t feel like this, but for one reason or another I am surprised when people in creative and maker fields are surprised when tools are being used in avenues that fit the paradigm, but not the marketing or base use. We can and should be doing a lot more than still pics and tweeting ya know. And at the same time, it takes people like Hockney who already see differently to expose that where we aren’t trying to pay attention (I guess).


2 thoughts on “Others Using the iPad As A Drawing Canvas

  1. Yes this is critical. Artists definitely help to mature mediums. Without the arts, people would be stuck dragging their knuckles across the iPad screen to scroll a web page. It is the artist that pushes the medium to a place that few have thought of. Anyway, I’m happy to have migrated from solely using my iPad for Netlix to using painting apps to help raise my visual design aesthetic.

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