nsquared Presenter 2.0 and 2037

I finally got to watching this presentation of nsquared Presenter 2.0 without buffering, and perhaps it has something to do with my 7 day old niece resting on my chest as I watch it. Don’t know, but glad I could see the tech as seamless as a video on my iPad allows. Thing is, I come away from it thinking that in 2037 (when my niece is 25), my niece could look back at this with the kind of novel glee that I do the Jetsons and Transformers – imaginative, but not quite the truth.

Can you just imagine 2037. There could be far fewer people, louder wars, and no such thing as Internet. About the only thing that could remain consistent is that a 7 day old child gets swaddled. Can you imagine if there is a chip on the child for ID purposes? Or, what about a series of planned “upgrades” based on suppositions of her genetic code from before she was born?

When I saw that video, I was reminded that we don’t do enough with our present tech to dream, but also that what happens in the future isn’t for us to determine now. We have to cultivate the base ethics and behaviors that will make life in 2037 livable and prosperous for as many people as possible.

Funny, because as I told Wes today at lunch, that’s more where my heart and mind are, the shiny stuff just doesn’t matter as much as what the little one in my arms is going to be capable of when her “software” really comes online.

2 thoughts on “nsquared Presenter 2.0 and 2037

  1. It’s why I do what I do. People are sometimes confused that my playing around with new technologis is nothing more than me toying with gimmicks… It’s frequently shock them that I’m more critical about technology deployments and unthinking roll-outs than they are.

    Any tool used without wisdom will consume us. Church folk seem to be under the impression that this is not so – they either say this new world in which we live is “just a new method” or that the toos they are comfortable with could never possibly turn around and harm them.

    People need to learn wisdom, and that’s why I keep playing/teaching.

  2. Amen friend. Can’t get wisdom, at least not for this stuff, but sitting on the sidelines and waiting for the understanding to fall on you. We’ve got to go after it, and hopefully our good and bad lessons become wisdom others will glean from.

    Plus, I’m just looking forward to my niece and God kids talking about the tech that I used which thought was so cool, but they see as nothing more than a toy. The kind of wisdom that I get from now will hopefully be able to shape their perceptions of play versus work as well.

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