Afternoon Project: ICE, Stick Bracelet into PC and Follow Instruction

To be honest, I didn’t even think of this as something valuable enough to talk about except when asked about it. But, one of my roommates asked me about my day and had such interest in what I’d done that I thought it good to just write it down, and perhaps others will find some utility in random items that come into their lives.

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Sony Futurescapes: Life in 2025

Vidoe 2 of 4 from Sony Futurescapes: Life in 20205 (Wired)

The perspective of looking at life 10-15yrs in the future is always a good one. Granted, it would have been very hard to see some of the things we’ve been doing now, 10-15 years ago (IMO, we had a view of a more open and less market-driven future). But, still, its always good to take that kind of inventory of thought and concept, and then stretch a bit to see what happens if you take steps towards that today.

Thoughts for a Mobile Device’s Contextual UI

I’m sitting, thinking about what could be done to improve the relationship that I have with applications and services on my mobile devices, and there’s something of a thought that hit me: I don’t use the same apps in every context. What if the user interface took advantage of not only what I wanted to do (having the app), but also where I was and when I needed to use it?

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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – CCCADI and MoCADA’s Artist Call to Action

H(A)UNTED – Curated by: Shantrelle P. Lewis

“I do not care a damn for any art that is not used for propaganda.” ~ W.E.B. du Bois, 1926

In a world in which Blackness is visually over-determined—both as hyper-visible and invisible—there is no ocular meme more pervasive in American society than that of the so-called violent and dangerous Black male, who is always already in need of pursuit, capture, incarceration and inevitably extermination.” ~ Mark Anthony Neale, 2012

“May #TrayvonMartin haunt us and rattle our homes to their foundations and throw dishes and ruin freshly-baked cakes and abuse our pets and scream and wail in the recesses of our consciousnesses as Beloved did Sethe’s.” ~ Son of Baldwin, 2012

“Young African American men die at a rate that is at least 1.5 times the rate of young white and Hispanic men, and almost three times the rate of young Asian men (Fig. 6). While the death rate drops for men ages 25 to 29 for most groups, it continues to rise among African Americans.” ~ Stats from Kaiser Family Foundation, 2006

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A Month Evaluating Simple Mobile and Reconsidering Value and Service

Last month, I reentered that point of being self-employed that seems to be constant when you are early in the game (2yrs in), I’ve got to cut expenses again. I’ve cut things all over, but now its tight, and all kinds of things are falling behind. I’ve gotten simpler in eating, travel, and working. But, the one thing that’s remained has been the relationship that my mobile lifestyle has had with AT&T over the past decade plus. Despite other’s issues with the nation’s largest GSM wireless carrier, I’ve had very few issues. And to that end, its been quite simple to adjust my usage as needed and continue with them. That was, until last month’s life/budget crunch made it clear that I needed to consider other options. Simple Mobile has been on my radar for sometime, and therefore, it got a month to convince me that this too should be an area where I should go simpler.

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That Explains Why Mobile Leadership Is Waining

Getting in some daily reading at ReadWriteWeb, there was an article there talking about how early-adopters for mobile devices have uninspired choices. Well, I’ve been saying as much for a long time, but that article doesn’t help any. in fact, it pointed out so clearly where any kind of thought leadership in mobile has wained and really is hard to be found (in the USA at least).
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Learning from Other Streams

Talking with my lady today about the many streams of life that I pass through during the day, she and I took in the fashion and life stylings of Garance Dore. In one of her latest videos, she talks about the relationship that women have to fashion, shoes, each other, and such. I explained to my lady that its in these streams that I glean perspectives about mobile (and even faith) that aren’t so easily seen within their dedicated areas.

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