Why Don’t Modern Mobiles Do A Better Job of Linking Data Between Apps

Back when I used a Palm PDA, there were a few applications which gave you this ability to take a snippet of data from one application and link it to another application (and its data store). It wasn’t easy to do this for some apps, you had to add some special brackets and a command for which app you wanted to link to. But, when you linked it, then it was literally a matter of tapping on what was linked and you went to that other app. There were even app suites which came out by the time of the Treo which shared data between them (contacts, calendar, notes, and tasks) which made the management of people and their relationship to whatever data/tasks easier – at least within that suite. These days, you have to beg and plead for a developer to take advantage of an API to keep data linked, and even then, its more like sharing (copying between data stores with a link-back to the other content maybe added). If modern mobile platforms/OSes are so good, then why is such a feature neglected?

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