Turning Lists into Behaviors that Transform

Maybe its age, then again, maybe its been that sense that’s been there the whole time. I seem to be moving towards one of Excapite/Nigel’s observations that much of what we do today online is just making a prettier spreadsheet. The companies whom are doing better are pushing beyon just list presentations and crafting aspirational experiences which embed or reveal something more… human. And after re-reading today’s post on Mobile Ministry Magazine, I’m even more convinced of this.

Yea, I’m asked often for MMM to give people a list of what to like, not like, do, don’t do, who does. But, that site/soapbox allows for so much more. to investiate, to ask questions, and to invent newer/different ways of living out what I believe (both faith and tech).

The challenge for me comes when my imagination runs faster than the tools that I cram into my worksapces, or further than my abiltiies to-date have been able to meet. Then, I’m subjected to refactoring this experience architecture/experience investigation into “yet another list.” Its painful or frustrating to say the least, but revealing also in that there’s this limitation even to tools and knowledge for some of us that just can’t be so easily pulled out of the box of lists.

I’ve been trying to sit and watch this Brent Victor talk since I retweeted it. Between network connectivity, and that whole “find clients, find work” stuff that bedazzles my week, I’d just not gotten there. I think that I’ll do so just as soon as I finish this post. From what I was able to see so far, my thinking about diving from just lists into experiences goes deeper than simply making something work for me, or for others who might learn differently. If there’s a greater potential within us to go beyond the tools of the day, and actually create something that instigates more exploration for ourselves and others, then I owe it to myself to find that.

And then maybe I’ll make a list towards how I got there so that those who can’t connect the dots without numbers have some means of keeping up with their own imaginations.

One thought on “Turning Lists into Behaviors that Transform

  1. Wow… this video is amazing to me on several levels. The skill present to code what he things is one. The way that he rethought about how to code items and let the artist in himself flourish was another. And then the ending piece, living by a principle, not just what you are passionate about. I think a bit more about where I am (right now), and am pushed a bit more in the direction of this post, but further is even more possible to be… something more.

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