Public Evernote Notebook, Domains, Experiments

Last night I was talking with my lady about personal branding strategies that I’ve done. I mentioned to her about the personal domain that I have and how that’s something that I use to map to pretty much any service that I choose. In this way, I can move around a bit but keep the direciton/destination (mostly) familiar. In the midst of talking with her about this, I thought about trying something new, using a publicly-shared Evernote notebook and a sub-domain.

Its honestly quite simple. First I created a new notebook in Evernote called Sermon and Bible Study Notes. Then (on my iPad), I made the notebook publicly-accessible. Then, in my domain management console, I created a subdomain Notes.AntoineRJWright and forwarded that domain to the newly shared Evernote notebook. I then did the work of moving the Bible study and sermon notes into that notebook. And boom, I’ve got shared notes, mostly in handwriting and color.

Why Do This
I like to write notes when attending church or Bible study, but don’t really care to email the notes to friends any more. And most times, I write things that are worth sharing with others. These notes are usually written on my iPad, using a Tactilis, Adobie Ideas, and lately, Penultimate. I then save these into Evernote since Evernote is decent at keeping my handwritten notes organized and searchable. Now, when they are saved and synced, they’ll appear in this new public notebook.

Next step is to tke the service ifttt and see if I can use that to tweet/SMS/email the note as soon as its shared. Oh yea, workflow and automation is fun here 😉

Kind of neat really. And a step away from Evernote being good enough to be its own blog/hosting too 😉