Poem: Velo-Valentine (If Pedals Pedaled Closer)

Bobbin BirdieMy car was taken from me
I couldn’t get any closer to her if the wind would let me
So I managed to find my pedals
And take in the gear by gear 
I wish it were warmer
And that I had a basket
Because the strain of the season blowing against my face
Is beginning to speak louder than my love
So I shifted forward one
And remained determined to get there

Then the street was taken from me
I couldn’t get any closer to her shoulder or hair
So I had to find another pedal
And a pace that was even faster
I wish it were flatter
And that I had an engine
Because the hill is challenging my convictions
Speaking promises I didn’t know I was meant to make
So I stood up some
And pressed through the cold winds further

Then I saw what could have only been a mirage
Well, only if it were a desert and I were parched
There you were coming towards me
And all the energy that was taken from me
And all the strength to remain in this a bit further
No longer mattered
Because I saw the same grit in your pedals
The same arms carrying this love up a hill
On that pink frame I never saw before
You pedaled down beside me
Took from my hand the flowers intended to blossom in yours
Placed them in basket
And planted your hand in mine
We turned to face down the hill
And with a glee our feet arose from the pedals

My car was taken from me
And I was convinced that the strength on my pedals alone would be enough
Until you joined yours to mine
And we found that this life was still going to have hills
Our determination to go up them
And not stop praying to make it up, over, and through
Was all the engine we needed
Because a love like this takes two pedals
One to go up
While the other paces down
All the fuel this engine needed
Was a car to be removed
And our lives to pedal a bit closer.

This poem was in inspired by, and submitted to, the Lovely Bicycle, Velo Valentine Bike Giveaway Contest. I was a bit late on my submission. But, not on the inspiration apparently.