A Whimper in the Noise

Been a while since writing (here). Not that there’s not been anything to write about, but I’m not exactly sure how to write about what goes on in this head without rehasing the same stuff over and over. And really, who wants to read that?

I could go the route of talking about cycling, but its winter and I don’t do it so much. I do notice a lot of the choir-preaching going on in the transportation space. That part is a bit annoying. I’d really like to see/hear/engage in those conversations about transportation change happening in the medium metro areas (like Charlotte) where changing to public transportation, walking, and cycling undoes decades of planning and development, let alone behaviors that people don’t know were once different (unless they lived there before the sprawl-like changes happened). Yea, I should just ride more… makes me smell better 😉

I could talk about mobiles. But honestly, I want and use platforms that aren’t necessarly “alive” with activity. I do so because of efficiency, security, and ability. I’m anal about performance, but not at the expense of functionality. And by God, these are as powerful as servers, we should be doing, be enabled to do, much more.

More… yup. Whenever I talk about my phone adapting to contexts, people who hate mobiles bristle. When you do something like stroke the imagination with relevance it just makes things better. Wish I could code 90% of what’s in my head, forget the next billion, I’ve got a current 2 billion folks I could enable if given the team(s), tools, and finances to pull it off.

Pulled off a lot of 2011 stress. Good friends will do that. Rest will do that. I’m blessed by a 2012 gift that keeps me smilling.

Which is where I am at this post… smiling. I don’t have the financial freedom I (think) I need. I don’t have the technological tools or skills either. But, I’ve got this peace about life that’s just good. Contentment probably. In the midst of what all is talked about the various spheres of life I listen in on, contentment is rarely loud. Its a poetic whimper in the noise… one where if heard and observed nothing else really matters.