Let Me Be Your Visual Note-Taker for Meetings/Workshops/Conferences

Complete GCIA 2011 Sketchnotes - Share on OviThis past week, I’ve attended a few meetings where I could sit back and take notes. In one of these meetings, before I sat down a person asked if I would be drawing my notes (sketchnotes) as I did previously. He enjoyed watching me draw them, and was one of a few persons on Twitter/Meetup who benefited by my posting of those notes. I did draw my notes then, and in a few days took a bigger step of puting myself out there as an artist who creates a visual note (sketchnote) for meetings, workshops, or even conferences.

Provoked by that event, a tweet, and a friend, I’ve posted three ads on Craigslist making myself available to do this:

That’s not to say that I am not able to go other places and do this (for example, I spend enough time in SE PA that its not impossible to offer the same there), but I’m trying this out by stretching to areas that are local(ish) to me.

You might know of others doing this. But, I’m not sure who else does these sketchnotes on an iPad and with their finger only. There is no additional editing in Photoshop or any other program – the note as its finsihed on my device is what’s created and saved. After the sketchnote is finished, you’d receive it via JPG and PDF. Rates are negociable (as the length of the meeting, distance travelled, etc. will influence this until I’m more sure of this).

You can view my gallery of sketchnotes here. These are not sketchnotes that I’ve been compensated for (at this time of writing), and as such are my personal notes of which I share. It would be up to our arrangement and the content in the note as to whether that item could be added to a public gallery.

With that said, let me be your visual note taker for your meeting, workshop, or conference.

To get in contact with me, see either use the Craigslist entries noted above, or any of the contact methods noted here. If you contact via LinkedIn, please make sure to note that you are contacting me in regards to visual notes/sketchontes.