I’ve had the conversation a few times over the past month that we guys just need to get back to a better state of dress/presentation. I’m going to do my part by investing in a new suit this year.

Over at Palm Addict, I wrote a post talking about how my mobile will help me along that goal:

…I’ve also got to find different ideas for suits, and so I’ll be using a combination of searching looks that I’m familiar with on various fashion websites (Details (for Men), Hypebeast, Sartorialist, etc.) along with passing pics back and forth to my best friend via SMS. Now, it would be kind of decent to be able to find a look, and then graft that suit on top of an existing picture of me, but that’s pushing the future a bit too far…

Hopefully, this is something that can help me not just in terms of presentation, but in terms of learning a bit more about the place of tech in the day-to-day activities we get into.

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