Smart Mobs and MMM: Sweden’s Church of File Sharing (Community and Religion)

One topic, and shared in two distinct conversations at Smart Mobs and Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM).

Snippet from the Smart Mobs post: Sweden’s Church of File Sharing Resets the Conversation of What Defines A Community:

…The Church of Kopimism doesn’t seem to follow the traditional structures of religion where there’s some transmeta-state being inferred to the members. However, its flexible membership stance (you simply need to engage in the activity of sharing a file) does reencourage the discussion of whether behaviors by themselves are enough to catalyze a transformative movement, or if there needs to be some “higher goal” achieved…

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Then I went into the same subject, but from the perspective of religion (practice) and religious activites at MMM titled Defining Religion and the Religious: The Church of Kopimism (File Sharing). Here’s a snippet of that piece:

…Information is being described as holy, not the people. The transfer of information from one machine to another (am guessing that telepathy doesn’t count here) is the activity that’s valued, not the content of the information as it relates to the person sending or receiving it. File sharing – at least as I’m finding my way through this discussion – might be a religious activity more than a religion itself. And as a religious activity, its got to point to something more than the simplicity of a behavior that The Church of Kopimism has set forth…

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Ran thru a writing block lack week with these. Felt good to explore one topic into two diverse conversations. Now, just hoping that they launch into some good discussions.