Excapite: Intelligence Agents… Neat

The Internet can be a constraining place. And then again, you can be shown something new or different about yourself with just a few words and pixels.

Nigel Scott (Excapite) and I have had some very neat conversations over the months. I count him as one of those persons that constantly makes me think even more outside of the box that I normally kick around. In one of his latest pieces, he talks about Chicken Philosophers and Intelligence Agents, describing two people who help him to see life differently in between the pixels. I was one of those persons, and this is what he said to describe me:

The other face on the right is Antoine RJ Wright (@arjwright). A man with a seemingly insatiable appetite (or should that be faith?) for all things mobile. He has helped me to understand that, far from being yet another esoteric micro blogging platform, Twitter is the place where “the real time” conversation and free flow exchange of ideas now happens.

Can only say that I’m honored to be spoken of as such. Its difficult to discern personality online – unless you can literally mashup and analyize all points of and in between the pixels one travels. To see that picture yesterday helped me see myself in a new light. And the description points to what I can only guess that others see as both positive and negative towards my contributions in this space.

Its neat. And amongst those things Nigel does that has me thinking and reflect, this one just adds to the delightful fun. Thanks Nigel.