More Invoked Computing: Mogees Gestural Interface

The paradigm of pictures under glass seems like it could stick around some. But, if we could get some other senses into the mix, then maybe it could at least be a bit more tolerable.

At least, that’s what the Mogees Gestural Interface seems to invite towards considering. The placement of microphone under a touchable surface, combined with audio feedback, could actually make an iPad usable to those with visual and associative disabilities that can’t simply be sovled by changing contrasts and adding voice prompts.

It wouldn’t stop the fatigue that typing on glass offers, but it would at least make something more of a sensory adventure towards touchable surfaces. But to be able to program the microphone to “be” anything, and then turn whatever surface that you have around to it would be pretty neat. Would certainly make previous ideas about turning tables in coffeeshops into computing surfaces a bit more palatable to folks.

Though, maybe I’m more interested in this becasue its not limited to “computing” devices. Its one of those ideas in the shape of invoked computing. That’s just neat – at least if the backend of that future is consistent, cost-friendly, and secure network access.