I read something on Twitter while I was on vacation that was a kick in the pants. Basically summarized in that those who write about tech but don’t put their hands to the effort deserve their frustrations. Guess that gets me moving…

Some more will come about this at Mobile Ministry Magazine in the coming week. But, until then, I can share this much: my pet project during my vacation was to start working on building my own Bible reader that I’m calling All Books. All Books is basically a HTML-based Bible reader for my mobile which has all of the books of the Bible and then some (is more based on the Etheopian Orthodox cannon than the usual Catholic/Protestant-non-Aprocrophyal Bible we are accustomed to). Its designed for optimized navigation and reading, and hopefully later a search as fast as what I was used to with Bible+. Using what I know, and what I can learn, in regards to HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, to take some of the open-licensed Biblical content out there and basically make something that I am pleased with is pretty much what this is about.

Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like as I’m developing it on my iPad using Textastic and Dropbox (testing done on my N8 since that’s pretty much where it will live)
All Books - Personal Bible Reader (In-Dev Screenshot) - Share on Ovi
And here’s the UX flow document that I’ve used to pretty much sketch what I’m aiming for and how it should work when its all said and done:
UX Flow for All Books Personal Bible Reader - Share on Ovi
I’ve got some work to do, but hey, 2012 means that frustrations should be done away with too right?

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