Sketchnotes Continue: Idiot Box in Greensboro

[Sketchnote] Idiot Box Comedy Show - Share on OviThis is the initial part of a sketchnote that I did this past Sunday in Greensboro, NC at the Idiot Box comedy club. Was an interesting night, though it took a bit long for the crowd to warm up. Still, it was an opportunity to get out and sketch some. Doing this during short comedy sketches is a bit of a challenge, but I think that by the end of the night that I got the hang of grabbing both the comic and their box of laughs.

Stay tuned for more sketchontes. You can view my gallery of past sketchnotes here.

Evolving with an iPad (Apps and Usage)

In the past days, I’ve gotten the same question twice: what are some of the best iPad apps? Now, many years back when I used to do scores of software reviews for PDAs and mobile phones, this would be something that I could “somewhat” easily answer (given the aims the person wanted to use a device for, the capabilities of a device, and any budget constraints). I’m less inclined to try scores and scores of apps on my iPad, and therefore my usage of it doesn’t really lend itself to answering the question of what’s the best app for it. I can say though, if you were to take the perspective that the iPad is a blank canvas, then you can evolve into a kind of use that does make sense, and keeps you in the right perspectives of computing and life.
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Computing That Invokes Emotions of It’s Own, Relates to Ours

So. Following the utopicomp (sorry, there it is) ideal of calm computing we’re gonna have to be subtle with this if we’re going anywhere with it, right? Less is more work. We should consider the potential issue of uncanny valley as applied to behaviour and may choose to sidestep it entirely. We could draw inspiration from things like Apple’s design of the sleep light on the Macbook Pro which is so obviously designed to pulsate at the same rate as its breathing would be (if it had lungs) whilst it’s asleep. It’s just enough that it gives the machine a feeling of sentience but what would happen if that speed was ever so slightly increased or decreased based on certain conditions? Would it give the impression that something is wrong? I reckon it might not immediately, but once you get to know the device and its personality you’d be used to its normal behaviour and then really notice when it starts behaving differently. Being a bit offish with you maybe. I’m pretty sure people already do this with computers when their operating system starts to get a bit sluggish or glitchy – I know I do – but maybe we could play with that a bit.

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Carnival of the Mobilists No 257

Another week, and another edition of the Carnival of the Mobilists. This week, it’s being hosted over at Stephen and Allison Hoober’s blog. Another nice suite of articles this week, and actually a bit more variety than in previous weeks. Have only cracked the surface personally since I’m in the midst of work for MMM, but it’s certainly nice to know that I have some reading for later this week for when things slow down. You don’t have to wait though. Get on over and enjoy this week’s best in mobile blogging.

Mobile Evolutions in a Nokia Photograph

A year of evolution from Nokia - looks like there's some... on TwitpicLate last week this photo of recent Nokia mobile devices was posted on Twitter. The person titled it “a year of evolution from Nokia” and instigated that there might be something forthcoming as there is a bit of a evolution that does seem to be happening in these devices being placed as they are. There can be an evolution here, but it might not be what could be easily assumed, let’s look at this in a bit more detail and see what mobile evolutions are there to uncover.
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Let Me Be Your Visual Note-Taker for Meetings/Workshops/Conferences

Complete GCIA 2011 Sketchnotes - Share on OviThis past week, I’ve attended a few meetings where I could sit back and take notes. In one of these meetings, before I sat down a person asked if I would be drawing my notes (sketchnotes) as I did previously. He enjoyed watching me draw them, and was one of a few persons on Twitter/Meetup who benefited by my posting of those notes. I did draw my notes then, and in a few days took a bigger step of puting myself out there as an artist who creates a visual note (sketchnote) for meetings, workshops, or even conferences.
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