Would It Be As Influential If I Didn’t Speak English?

I am on my mobile reading Twitter as i eat lunch and a thought just came to me: what if I couldn’t read or write in English, would I have the same feelings about the Internet? I mean. Its easy to see a lot of the activity happening within the English speaking space and say that its all well. But on a larger scale I wonder if that really is the case? After all, English isn’t even the most spoken language in the world. I think that Spanish Chinese and a few others have much better usage rates. It seems like much of the money that passes hands does so in English? But is that even true. So much about money talks in the mindset of banking as if that’s the only viable means to have a dollar. If you are banking, then are you bound to English? So then if you aren’t banking then do you even need it? And if not banking then why other industries? I don’t know. Just rambling in the only language that I can speak and write fluently. Which just might be the reason why I don’t hear those other voices. If I had ears to hear then maybe their stories would be easier to perceive.