Refining An Idea: Kinetic Energy to Recharge Bluetooth Headset

Nokia Essence Bluetooth Headphones, via Nokia ConversationsSitting in a coffeeshop (what else is new), and my Bluetooth headphones die. Of course, I’ve had this idea before that kinetic energy would be great to use to recharge these. But, I’m not moving (physically). I’ve added a comment to that original idea, changing some of the mechanical questions to getting to actually capturing the behavior of listening into an energy-capturing mechanism.

This was my comment to that Ideas Project posting:

Having just had my headphones die, but I’ve been sitting in a coffeeshop. I wonder if this is something that could work off of pulling energy from the motion of nodding one’s head? If you will, the ear-pieces actually being the pieces which gather the energy, but then it is stored within the controller unit?

As with many people who listen to music (or have that neck-tick), I do a lot of nodding of my head when listening to music. And so, as an alternate to using the controller piece to capture the energy, what if the ability to capture kinetic energy via these headphones happened within the ear-plugs?

I’m not sure about how this works from a mechanical or physics standpoint – for the latter, you have energy starting in the ears and going “down,” while there is the activity of music being pushed “up” into your ears. I’m not exatly sure how that would work out in regards to frequencies conflicting with one another.

I do think though that moving the energy-capture aspect to the ears makes a lot more sense from my thoughts in the original idea. It may be – as is many times the case with me – where my head is nodding, bobbing, etc. but the controller piece is clipped to my collar/shirt and doesn’t do much actual movement at all to collect energy. Doing it there would also move some of the mechanical pieces from the controller unit (leaving space for a capicator to store the energy, or a larger battery) making for an overall better device to carry.

I’d love to see this implemented. And maybe, the controller unit with some kind of eInk display on it (caller information, music/FM/program information, time) which would allow some of the excess energy collected to have some means of being used.

I know. Its one of those weird thoughts. But, if you’ve used wireless headphones – especially the BH-214s, Essence, or similar from Nokia and others – this is the kind of idea that could have some good effects in terms of costs, energy management, and wearable (accessible) computing.