This week and the next, I’ll be seeing people that I’ve not seen in a long time. It will be good to catch up, and I’m sure to get that question, “so what phone are you carrying now?” I like that question, because when it comes my direction, it is never about the brand, but what you make of life because of what it is you choose to carry.

For example, check out this tweet:

Currently armed with 2xn900, n950 and n9 and no phone to match those out there. When someone makes a hackable phone I’ll buy a new phone.

That tweet comes from @timorph and I caught that one on a retweet. The person simply likes to carry the kind of mobile in which their knowledge and skills can craft the best expereince of life for them. I commend that too. Not everyone can program an application or service to do what they want. For those that can, we can gravatate to the kinds of mobile devices that best facilitate that kind of living.

There there was this one from @blakecanterbury:

Stoked about some stuff I just saw on my phone! The future is near. 😉

And my reply:

@blakecanterbury bah, the future is here. Your phone is just catching up to an image of what God already gave you 😉

Yes, there’s a healthy dosage of faith/spirituality within that comment, and that too speaks to this truth. Your mobile device doesn’t move as fast as your imagination. Sure, you are able to connect with people, and bend bird, religion, and life in ways that you’d not been able to do in decades past. But, that’s only stuff that’s catching up with your imagination. What’s seen on that screen doesn’t move as fast as what is already in your head.

one of the reasons I wanted an N9 is because of this effect in mobile life

So, what do you make of your mobile, and your approach to life becuase of it? Can you create something? Can you enable something or someone to get someplace they wouldn’t have been before?

Mobile. It really is what you make of it. A blank canvas or a chain, the call is yours.