If her breath were near me, it would settle leaves that turn me like covers
Nothing left but to fall into her winter spring
And if her breath were near me, it would color a moment’s entropy
Fall fast to such brevity
Holy days would only be
Those days that we would be fertilized from beneath the roots
But as I figure it, her breath is an amazing thing
Such a tone that levels sense until it becomes common
Turning my heart like an iron I am only getting warmer at her embers
Next thing you’d know I’d be lying on her snowy satin blinks
Each piece of her breath like a wave that shutters all my thinks
Until I thank it thru
God bless you
Each shiver of my breath now matching steps with her rest
And if I dare to catch that scratch on the back of my neck
I would fall as a stroke to her beauty’s breath’s ability to snatch me from peace to pieces
Nothing left but to collect my leaves into her spring’s rain
And each drop releases one stem then another
Oh don’t bother with the name
Just let the glistening valve open with more to proclaim
At least this is my hope in this frame
For if her breath were near me, it would be like that falling winter sun
And I’d catch each ray until the spring would consider my rest from her done
Then we would blossom
Stand strong thru droughts and tossing
Until it is once again time to harvest that awesome breath
And I am allowed to fall into you near me once again

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