Windows Phone As Perspectives to Unfold

Maybe this is something I should have written a month or so ago at the Windows Phone event I attended in Charlotte. Or, perhaps, I should have already had a device or two in my hands so that I could see this a bit better. I didn’t to either of those, and much like the market seems to have to get with Windows Phone, some perspectives have yet to unfold despite what can be seen just beneath its surface.

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Would It Be As Influential If I Didn’t Speak English?

I am on my mobile reading Twitter as i eat lunch and a thought just came to me: what if I couldn’t read or write in English, would I have the same feelings about the Internet? Continue reading “Would It Be As Influential If I Didn’t Speak English?”

Refining An Idea: Kinetic Energy to Recharge Bluetooth Headset

Nokia Essence Bluetooth Headphones, via Nokia ConversationsSitting in a coffeeshop (what else is new), and my Bluetooth headphones die. Of course, I’ve had this idea before that kinetic energy would be great to use to recharge these. But, I’m not moving (physically). I’ve added a comment to that original idea, changing some of the mechanical questions to getting to actually capturing the behavior of listening into an energy-capturing mechanism. Continue reading “Refining An Idea: Kinetic Energy to Recharge Bluetooth Headset”

No 255 – The Last Carnival of the Mobilists for 2011

I’m pretty excited for the Carnival of the Mobilists for 2012. Besides going back to the weekly format, its positioning to be a better platform for those in mobile who’s writing, thinking, and activity really push the industry forward. In a sense, much like the mobile industry, the Carnival of the Mobilists has matured.

However, its not 2012 yet. You’ve got to get through #255 hosted at MobileGroove and the suite of contributions for this edition. Packed as usual. Worth a copule cups of coffee as usual. And worth all kinds of reflection for 2011, and repurposing for 2012.

Distilling the Perspective of Prediction

I was passed a link via email recently which spoke (lightly) about smartphones in the coming years. I disagreed with the sentiment that it was a worthwhile prediction as the article-interview left no context behind the person’s statement. Still, I think it was a healthy exercise to pay attention to in the coming weeks as many will be predicting much, and there needs to be some way to get through the noise. Continue reading “Distilling the Perspective of Prediction”

The Minimum Degree of Acceptance

Ok, so I’m out with that foot before the mouth thing again. Something about reading about why those who review devices start out a review by validating why it gets such a rating tends to do that kind of thing to me. So, let’s make a line of sorts. If I’m going to be so harsh on mobile media, what then could be considered some minimum specifications, features, etc. that a mobile should have before it could even be considered nearly viable for most people?

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Rebuttal (of Sorts) to Gene Mark’s Forbes’ Article, If I Were A Poor Black Kid (in West Philly)

Privledged - Comic by Wes AllenI don’t like to get into racial conversations (online or offline). Most of the time, race is just a layered excuse for something else that’s not willingly talked about. And yet, I come into a day after a conference where of the attendees, I was one of two who were definitely darker than the rest. I kind of thought that I could get past the feelings of grim disdain that I felt when I introduced myself there. And then, I see this article in my Twitter stream. No… now, I’m not quiet.
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Mobile As Gaming Console Wand

In a recent article at Nokia Conversations, there was this conversation talking about the Xbox evolving through your Windows Phone. And yes, this is something that is happening now through the XBox Companion application for Windows Phone. Still, I see this as not pushing far enough into this idea that mobile should enable augmented reality experiences. In Nokia’s article, the mobile is set too much as the slave to the context, even with their request to asking for what more can be done.

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