Augmenting Your Mobile

I think I talk a bit about playing with software constraints too much. I’m biased, that’s what I deal with the most when it comes to my mobile. But you know, something funny happens when its someone else asking you questions about your mobile – it almost always starts with the hardware 😉

So, I’m thinking about things that I can do, or would like to do to augment my mobile’s hardware. And I mean beyond simple bigger batteries or cases. I’d like to literally make the surfaces of my mobile a good bit more context-bending.

NFC-Enabled Skin
Now, this is something that newer devices wouldn’t deal too much with. But, to have an older device that you can skin to a more personalized look makes sense. I’d like to push that a bit using NFC and Bluetooth as the driver.

I’d purchase a new skin for my device (such as what you can do now from SkinIt), but in the purchasing, I would have an option to have an NFC chip embedded within it. That chip would only be able to do something simple, like tap-to-transfer business card or tap-to-share current screen/URL. But, that would be something that I’d love to see added to my mobile’s senses.

Hey, the Japanese have it (seemingly by default) on their mobiles. I’d love to have mine be waterproof so that I can use it as a dashboard when walking or bike riding.

Kinetic Charging
To go along with being waterproof, it would be great if a certain amount of motion would trickle charge the device. I think that this would be doable with current devices (except for the thinnest of devices), but it would go a long way towards pulling reliance from the grid, as well as encouraging folks to move in such a way their device shakes.

Gestrure Tracking Front-Camera
I’ve talked about this probably a ton before. But, since my front camera gets very little use, it would be great if I could assign to it a context where it could track my gestures and then perform some function. Two contexts immediately come to mind: when my mobile is plugged into an external monitor/TV, gestures for navigation; and attention tracking when using any GPS-enabled application at a designated speed (night time driving).

I don’t know. These are the kinds of things that I think about given how often I’m on a mobile. Maybe, I’ll finally hit that wearable computing upgrade where things like this just tend to come with the territory.