Revisiting Mobility Because of Calendaring, Flexibility, and AI

Am having a very public (re)discussion on Twitter about considering the Nokia N9 because of a calendaring need that has just come up that the Nokia N8 that I have isn’t quite able to address. The N8 is indeed a great device, and it has been its flexibility and the AI of Nokia Bots and Smart Widgets that’s made it quite indispensable. However, that calendar thing is a bugger.

Let me explain the calendar thing in this way:

  • there’s my core calendar that’s essentially those items which stay personal to me. These are items of context that I would never consider putting onto an online service like Google or MS Exchange (this includes all tasks and birthdays);
  • there’s the MMM calendar (Google) which obviously handles events specific for MMM;
  • there my personal Google calendar which is being dialed down, but usable for those occasions where I’m subscribing to MMM or other events; and
  • there’s the Exchange account I use with CPCC to manage communications and connections there.

Now, I’d been using GoogaSync (trial) to see if that could work as a solution for my calendaring needs. But, as the application is currently configured, it is only able to sync a Google calendar to the calendar labeled "Personal" on my N8. I failed to realize this and rename that calendar when doing that trial and then ended up putting a few months of personal appointments into Google. I later realized that I need to set the sync setting to "none" for every event done under the device calendar "Personal."

Hence, this re-exploration of the N9 as a potential mobile device. I don’t hide my attraction to the swype-based user interface, the openness of the platform, and its unique design. I also don’t hide my wondering about my capacity to develop (or contribute towards developing) applications such as an AI-learning, Nokia Bots-like app, a mobile web server, or a Bible application that fits how I go about reading, searching, sharing, and noting about the text. I don’t see going back to the LED flash for a camera as being a benefit, I’m in social situations where low/no light is an often occurrence. Camera use on a mobile is a sticky. It has to be excellent. The N8 is, the N9 isn’t in compairson.

Now, what the N9 does do well is handle multiple Google accounts, an Exchange account, and even my Skype contacts, in a usable interface. That’s something that I could definitely use, and would be immensely beneficial to how I’ve moved my mobile as a communications center (productivity being shifted to the iPad). I could deal with how that platform does that very easily.

And to that, I wonder if I’d take the hit on the camera to have this platform? I’m down to one mobile right now (pleasant feeling really), so this would probably have to be a trade. The N9 though is so rare that trading for it kind of doesn’t work. The camera of the N8 washes out when compared to the limited nature of the N9 right?

Maybe. Or, maybe I should just stop fooling myself jump in with those other platforms, ignoring personal security and such for a calendar, image quality for a camera, etc. so that the sum "just works?"

Yea, right.

Not sure right now. Got other mobile issues a touch more pressing than the device. The N9 would be coming into that situation as well.

2 thoughts on “Revisiting Mobility Because of Calendaring, Flexibility, and AI

  1. I would definitely sell out for the “just works” solution w/ the personal calendar on Google! I am most impressed that you are down to 1 mobile phone 🙂 The N8/iPad combo must be leveraged to the max!

  2. Yea, the fact that I am *this* mobile does catch folk by surprise. I believe that scaling up your screens is better than scaling smaller and wider. I’m tempted to get rid of the iPad at times, even though its an awesome drawing tablet. I’d benefit from a system like the Asus Transformer where there’s a phone and a tablet that can work together.

    Personal calendar can’t go on Google. That’s something I’m not willing to budge on. The N9 would keep that going. As of right now, no other mobile platform keeps my stuff off their servers. Mobile needs something better IMO.

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