Poem: Melody of a Spouse

Your eyes are set in a city with cracked bells
The men who were called to action follow other tones
And therefore the rhythm you pursue rings off-center
My ears are set in a city full of queens
The women who were called to rule alongside put down crowns of jewels for estimations of powder
And therefore my hands get all kinds of red
Because all I can hear from them is rough speech for shiny kings
But don’t get this communication distressed
Because distance over such expanses expresses
The loss of patience 
Or, covet something less
Hold fast to your reputation and let it progress
The best dances to come will indeed be the sounds that impress
The stances that digest
Something more than a vagabond or pest
But the melody of a spouse ready with you to make rest
So here’s the nest
Your heart set in a city with fortified walls
My hands were tasked to keep them strong
My motions for the bricks set steel and straw for strength
Weathered for circumstances is what I meant
My emotions were described in the thread of your attire
Your body clothing itself appropriately to be found beautified
And I survived
Made it through patchwork, stain, and needle
You now arrayed in my strength that didn’t fade
So neither of us should let this pattern be
For when a city is arrayed like this everyone can see
The protection and the provision will be made abundantly
And there will be no more need to wander aimlessly
For the light that causes your threads to shine
Is the same light that causes my walls to out-stand time
And it’s season will be due as soon as the night line recedes
So hold onto this melody until again you hear from me
And I’ll hold onto your letters until I hear from you
And don’t let the off-tone of that bell bother you
You are the queen that didn’t sell herself through
That will be enough for me to find you.