There has been a good amount of commentary going on lately about videos that have been posted by RIM (BlackBerry) and Microsoft about how they see mobile and (enterprise) productivity envisioned in the near future. I looked again at these in the past day, and started wondering about myself and these kinds of scenes. They aren’t realisitc, and in fact are too clean as some would portend. However, I can remember back when TAT had their Open Innovation discussions and Future of Screens video the kind of present that I was living – waking up in the morning with the N97 beside me, reading news and what have you and then biking to the coffee shop to continue with reading, writing, and crafiting ideas of different mobile experiences.

I think about what I do now. Much of my day is actually spent on the iPad reading, writing, or drawing. It is really a screen all to itself because of the inability of the iPad and my Nokia N8 to speak to one another easily. But, its workable to do mobile like this. I’ve seen and done some neat things with these two screens.

I used to have this idea, it was this idea that drew me in some respects to the Nokia Internet Tablets. There was this mobile device which had Wi-Fi, ability to do some voice communications, and then a larger screen for creative and programming moments. It wasn’t perfect, but, in terms of a solution which had an ability to be the first in a puzzle piece of multiple types of experiences, it was certainly right about on time with where I was dreaming-being.

There was a challenge with that tablet, and to some degree with the iPad. I’ve got another screen other than my primary communicator. I’ve got another device to charge, another platform to manage. Ok, so maybe it would be fine if I were settled on one mobile platform (iOS, Android, and BlackBerry are the best bets right now for mobile + tablet integration; MeeGo and WebOS have essentially died as options there). That challenge is a bit much sometimes. I’ve had it come to a head a few times recently when I’ve traveled and just wanted the large screen experience without the overhead. Or, where I’ve wanted the benefit of mobility, with the polish of the tablet platform that I’m using (drawing everywhere and saving to my own server to do so would be nirvana).

That’s not the mobile future that’s real. Its a choice of platform vendors and their non-interpolatable solutions. Its choosing not what works best for your workflow, but what works best for the critical mass of people who need to affirm your activities. And after that, what makes the platform vendor, the service vendor, the government entity profitable. What keeps a veneer of control, with a narrowly defined scope of freedom – in a guise that looks cleaner and cleaner, hiding what really doesn’t work so well.

I think I started to ramble some. Because I’m getting to the end of this wondering why I’m on my iPad and not my mobile. Why isn’t my mobile doing that thing where it’s become the screen on my desk, and then taken over the TV near me to give me this bigger screen that both it and the keyboard that I’m typing this on are connected to? I like mobility. I like some of what it offers. But, I had a vision of mobile months, years ago that didn’t look like this. It actually looked a lot more like the videos that TAT, MS, RIM, Nokia, and others have put together. The kind of mobility that starts small, creates big, and considers as many aspects of the world as data that it crunches every second.

That kind of mobility I miss. And in many respects year so much to get back to. I wonder if I’ll be able to find my way back to those moment.

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