[Review] From the Garden to the City: Chapter 8 – Mediums

A few months back, I threw MMM’s hat into the running as a participant for the blog-tour/review of John Dyer’s From the Garden to the City with Church Mag. What I didn’t expect was the chapter that we’d land on Mediums (Chapter 8 ) and how appropriate and challenging it is that MMM gets to play in that space for this particular journey.

…John arrives at this discussion about Mediums with some interplay and advancing from McLuhan’s medium is the message meme. And where I can see the connections – for example communication tendencies being placed into formality, speed, and difficulty – I can also see some disconnects that are probably a product of my own training, experience, and profession/vocation – my disagreements with the digital native/digital immigrant discussion. And maybe that’s just it with this chapter, and much of the rest of this book, you get this chance to wrestle with how you’ve perceived the medium of connected technologies of our age (polls, Internet, mobile, social networking, etc.) and filter them not so much through what you know and accept, but what makes sense beyond your perceptions…

Read the entire review of Chapter 8: Mediums; and Follow the rest of the blog tour of From the Garden to the City at Church Mag.

Recommeded Purchase
If you haven’t purchased or read From the Garden to the City, I’d encourage you to read it (at least twice) and to take the observations and lessons into your professional and vocational contexts. You won’t agree with everything (you shouldn’t), but you will be challenged and offer the challenges to your immediate spheres towards the kind of (Berean) inspection that is ultimately more valuable and longer lasting than the next channel or opportunity in this virtual space.

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