Augmenting Your Mobile

I think I talk a bit about playing with software constraints too much. I’m biased, that’s what I deal with the most when it comes to my mobile. But you know, something funny happens when its someone else asking you questions about your mobile – it almost always starts with the hardware 😉

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Disappearing PCs, or Finally Seeing Life’s Contexts

GigaOm’s recent article (The Future of Technology Means Making A Computer that Disappears) is interesting. On one hand, it makes all kinds of sense and continues the often-spoken meme of the shrinking and more capable computer becoming more entrenched into activities. But, on the other hand, it constrains the definition of technology to a style of computing that doesn’t do much to augment human capacities as much as it does replace some behaviors for the sake of analytics or efficiencies.

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Sketchnotes – Guest Post at iPad Creative

At some point last year, I decided that I would start drawing again. My canvas would be the iPad. It only happened on airplanes, and then I attended a meeting about creating story environments prompted me towards the idea of sketchnotes. I’d seen for years the work by Mike Rhode and figured that it would be a good idea. The response was positive enough that I’d try it for another conference. Then another. And then a few workshops…

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Revisiting Mobility Because of Calendaring, Flexibility, and AI

Am having a very public (re)discussion on Twitter about considering the Nokia N9 because of a calendaring need that has just come up that the Nokia N8 that I have isn’t quite able to address. The N8 is indeed a great device, and it has been its flexibility and the AI of Nokia Bots and Smart Widgets that’s made it quite indispensable. However, that calendar thing is a bugger.

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How Gestures on My iPad Are Turning Typing into An Accessory

When it comes to software upates, unless there’s something drastic being fixed, or something compelling being added, I normally don’t care much. With my iPad, the update to iOS5 was supposed to add something compelling (gestures to navigate the interface). What I didn’t realize is that 1st gen iPads weren’t getting that. Bummer. A software patch update later and my 1st gen iPad gets these gestures. And with that, I am quickly finding out that typing is becoming an accessory to the experience of using this iPad.

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Step 1 To A Mobilized Developer: Interactive Code Review Spaces w/MS Kinect

I’m no longer a member of a small team of developers who gets dragged into meetings (often) to talk about projects and code. But when I was, there was something very honest about me when I went: I wanted an interactive code/task-sharing space we could all see and contribute to real-time, and I didn’t want to be in that meeting with a laptop as I preferred my Nokia N800 to scribble notes and view projects. So glad to see this from a team at Microsoft (Code Space, via Engadget)

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