Nokia Kinetic

Befitting the day I suppose, I caught this over at IntoMobile last week during their coverage of Nokia World.

The ability to bend is good, especially given Nokia’s usual statements and tolerances about device durability. Its easy to see this becoming something either of a next step after the N9 (that disruptive innovation that MeeGo/Harmattan is supposed to be). And then, like the N9, propagated first into S40-type devices (imagine the 1100 being this durable), and then Windows Phone/smartphone type devices.

After that, a set of devices like this begins even more to move into that state where the device starts to go away until its needed. The person with the bendable device, with the teardrop device, is no so consumed with what’s going on that screen that they miss the world around them. And at the same time, what’s most relevant for them is connected to that device, a contact point before an activity in the real or virtual world happens if you will.

There’s potential energy – that energy that’s possible and stored. Its there, but its not yet released into life just yet. Then there’s kinetic energy – activity or motion. Its neither positive or negative, but the results of its application, and the extinguishing of its potential, are positive or negative. Naming isn’t an accident – by creating a mobile that has the “kinetic” moniker, would Nokia be advancing the activity of mobile to just what I prescribed when I called it a magic wand? Could mobile become more about the activity that you engage in, rather than the potential of you engaging (and the monetization of your potential)?

If mobile is transformative in this respect, and the observation on this “all holy’s eve” is just that kind of transformation, what is that “holy moment” that’s on the horizon that this energy is pushing towards? Are we ready to take off the celebration of the harvest of mobile and move into some kind of more mature activity of living because of it?