[Presentation] Minutes to Mobile Money at Hackerspace Charlotte

Tonite I’ll be at at Hackerspace Charlotte (@hackerspaceclt) giving a presentation titled Minutes to Money: How Africa Hacked the Cellphone and Changed the Credit Card Industry.

This talk (15-20min) will discuss the trend of mobile money (transfer and technologies) and how culture, economics, and mobile disruptions make for a fertile ground for such innovations.

Hackerspace Charlotte is located at 430 E 36th St Charlotte, NC. Feel free to come through. Its a free event,. Though, if you can’t attend, you can view the slide deck.

The Failure of Android as A Phone UX

I have a good idea of when it started, and it wasn’t with phones, it was with PDAs. There was a point where companies got this idea that marketing larger screens made more sense than improving the user experience (UX) that would drive usage, marketing, and service models. Later, the same thing happened with phones and for some weird reason, non-NBA players were speaking this as if it were the best thing that could happen to mobiles. We end up with these petite-handed people carrying around mobiles which are too large to be phones because that’s what carriers think sells best, and see little to no change with the user experience of having a larger screen or the dependencies towards physics with it (battery life, location of interface elements, etc.).

That’s just plain stupid.

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