Responding to O’Reily Radar: When Will Tablets Replace Notebooks

Another Coffeeshop, Another Office Moment - Share on OviI will admit off jump, when I read One Device to Rule Them All: When will a tablet replace a laptop + a smartphone? at O’Reily Radar, I read it wondering if this was another case of old cooties just not able to divorce their paradigm of tools from the paradigm of the productive behaviors they were apparently thought-action-leaders towards. Harsh, but I truly believe that in order to make insightful projections about where tech is going, you actually have to be going there before the road is made. I walk this out to a (emotional, financial, and sometimes social) fault. And yet, the perspective that I have gained seems to not be heard loud enough. Oh well, let’s just answer the question and see how things lay out.

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