[Palm Addict] Evernote As A Project Notebook

I’m a big fan of using applications that can skillfully handle several media types, especially when I’m working on various projects. Evernote as been great for me in this manner and I’ve recently written up a piece posted at Palm Addicts on just how this works:

Fast forward that half-decade plus and I’m back using a tablet (1st gen iPad 16GB WiFi) and instead of OneNote, I’m using Evernote. Evernote came out not too long after OneNote and its claim to fame then was its ability to be used on just about any computing device you could get your hands on. And even if there was no Evernote app, you had both the browser and email as means to interact with items you saved there. And its because of this ability that Evernote stayed on my radar and was one of the first applications I downloaded onto my iPad.

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