Amy’s Blend Artwork and Future Art Directions

Amy's Blend at Caribou Coffee - Share on OviI should have posted this earlier, but it was one of those items that provoked that earlier post about what I’m looking to do now that I’ve refound art and drawing.

Picture Caption
First time in a long time that I did a public art piece. A friend at a (Charlotte) local Caribou Coffee saw some previous artwork of mine and asked if I’d be up for doing a piece for their Amy’s Blend/Brest Cancer Awareness materials. Ok, so some have a hard time understanding that there’s a cup and coffee bags there, it still comes off pretty well given Caribou’s marketing IMO.

This piece is located at the Caribou Coffee on Sardis North Rd, in Charlotte, NC. Be sure to also support the Amy’s Blend effort by purchasing a pound of coffee at any Caribou Coffee. Its a great cause, and needed to support all people and families effected by breast cancer.

Going Forward
There’s a good chance that some completed pieces won’t be making it to my iPad Art Gallery. I’ll put items there from time to time, and even some previews/in-progress work on Twitter. Nothing against sharing, but this is closer to my life/heart than anything not named poetry.

If you would like to inquire about me drawing something for your organization/service, get in contact with me (any of the methods noted at are fine). We can talk work and rates at that point. There might be a store-front coming where you can purchase print-editions of pieces already created. I’ve got that on the plate.

My canvas is an iPad, the pen is my finger, and the delivery method is digital. I’m not moving from those constraints – its art, I like my own kinds of blends.