Bluetooth Headphones with Kinetic Energy as a Catalyst to Wearable Computing

Nokia BH-214 Bluetooth Headphones
I am a pretty big fan of the Nokia BH-214 Bluetooth headphones that I have. I have been very forward in using them whether I’m driving, biking, or just walking around. They’ve been quite comfortable, and in mosts cases pretty simple to use (turn on and go) as should powered device. However, the other week, I took a small ride to a local coffeeshop and was greeted by the tone of my BH-214s dying. The day before I had a long day of riding and connecting around southeast Charlotte, but neglected to charge them that night. I didn’t think about it. I get two days of use from them regularly. But not this time. They were dead, and I was without tunes to help the work along.

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