Nokia C1 and C2 Dual SIM Mobiles

I’m writing this on the day when AT&T put a pause to service on my account. Yea, I’ve not been a good boy in terms of paying that bill on time for the past few months and have racked up way too many charges (ironically because I’ve not been paid for client work). On the day that the account was suspended, I thought for a bit and checked my Tru SIM to see if there were any credits on it. I’d not used it in so long but this pretty much validates itself as an emergency and so I popped it into my N8.

After a few minutes, I got the service configuration download message and there I had $15 of credits with which to use for emergency purposes. I texted the closest people to me to log the new number and have basically gone about having a lot of silent and disconnected moments when my N8 isn’t connected to Wi-Fi somewhere.

I’m writing this less than an hour after doing this. I’ve got no clue if (a) my AT&T service will be back together by the time this posts, or (b) if I will enjoy the silence so much that I move to Tru and this model of use semi-permaninenly. That said, I do see a reason for having both accounts back up and going, and it actually has to do with the fact that I’m not carrying multiple mobiles, and I do need to consider a business line that’s seperate from my personal one.

I swapped the SIM cards and thought to myself, "now, if I had a dual SIM mobile, that could work. And given what Nokia’s done with cleaning up the experience of using dual SIMs on their S30 and S40 devices, that could actually work." I sat with the AT&T SIM in my hand and realized that if I did have a dual SIM mobile, that I could effectively have a work and personal mobile that are billed separately, and would have different (usable, slightly not-easy-to-switch) data connectivity options. Sure, I’d not have that security of an IT service desk behind me, and I’d be essentially banking on the fact that I’d be smart enough to choose the right SIM to make calls from (now wouldn’t that be neat if Nokia Bots was able to pick up on that usage and depending on the contact use the right SIM) and would appreciate logging into and recieving notices for two bills.

But, if there was a certain level of mobile responsibility that could be gained from me doing this, it wouldn’t be a bad idea. I’d imagine that it wouldn’t be a bad idea for a chunk of the two-mobile-carrying public either. Yes, it would be a bit of a wrangle, and it would take away some of the fun of doing things like Google Voice. And Lord knows that I have no clue how data usage for GPS would be best utilized, let alone billed. But, it would make sense. And give a measure of freedom to people to purchase the mobile that works best for them, but allow their enterprise IT shops to manage the devices (or at least the data connected to the SIM card, not the entire mobile).

Maybe it could work. Then again, maybe I’m thinking that folks are looking for something like that. I don’t know. I’ve got to get a bill addressed and figure out how to add funds to my Tru SIM efficiently (if no funds for bill, no funds for SIM, yikes). That’s a shade of mobile that’s totally not like the rest of the folks that I talk to on a regular basis. And it is like some of those whom I do. Guess its time for me to learn how to do mobile in the USA a bit differently – as one with a dual SIM card would.


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