Mobile Web Server (MWS) w/Context and AI Awareness

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I read this and had the idea of an enhanced edition of a Mobile Web Server (MWS) to create a living and automated activity stream.

First, Nokia Situations and Nokia Bots would be installed alongside the MWS. As they are currently configured, Situations has enough of the rule elements in order to gather the needed information. Bots has the intelligence to both compile, learn, and intelligently automate actions based on information.

Upon the install of MWS, the user would be asked if they want to activate (1) Publishing. If they choose yes, then they will be asked to activate (2) an activity stream and (3) activity stream automation. They will then be taken to a screen that explains that the MWS will track the following types of information for up to 30 days: location, usage, battery life, cell-IDs, use of GPS/GPS coordinates, contacts communicated to and the type of communication, device downtime (lack of use or being powered down), use of other PIM applications (calendar, call log, notes, etc.), and data usage (cellular and Wi-Fi).

On the homescreen of the device will be a widget for the MWS. The widget when opened will point to a dashboard. The top part of the dashboard shows the latest published item. The next section shows the services you are publishing to (Diaspora, FB, Twitter, etc.). The next section shows those persons connected to you and/or your content that you’ve published. Then there’s a section containing settings for services you are connected to, including the on-device CMS (content management system) that you’d be using if you connect to the device from another computer’s web browser.

Then, you have your web service. Your central point would (ideally) be your URL, and then the types of content that you are sharing. Those people visiting, those bots visiting, would see only public content. Then you have people who by a login, authenticated account (OpenID-like), or authenticated and tied to a contact IP address, who might see different elements. I’m thinking of something like the Microsoft Metro UI, with those personalized boxes showing for those folks who can see whatever is in those boxes.

Of course, you’ve got those services you want to connect to. As you move through different parts of your day, the home screen widget changes asking if you want to share one of those areas that you checked off (similar to Nokia Bots notifications of different modes). But, its also intelligent enough to ask questions about events that takes you into a screen like Situations where you can further refine and configure the answers the device is asking you. Your answers then become something published on that homepage.

Then there’s the place where you move past that. As you get around other people’s devices that also have this server, the correlation between location, IP addresses, and cell-IDs causes that widget to ask if you want to connect for updates/communications with that other person’s device. In this instance though, you get a screen that asks: exchange vCard/Contact Info, connect to Activity Stream, share file, or something enabled by a 3rd party like Flirtomatic’s “send a gift/flirt” feature. The MWS logs that connection and asks if you want to be notified the next time that person mentions you or is within some kind of radius near you. You get a checkbox asking if that should be pushed to your Activity Stream or not with a “More Options” trigger to refine the rules of that connection.

It sounds like a lot, but that’s the key for the Bots AI part. After you do connections in a certain manner, the device learns this and starts to configure those options automatically. Your screen still shows that you are connected, but doesn’t pester you with options – leaving that settings screen where you configure those items.

That would be a web that moves. And like Om’s reflections, the kind of computing that could change how we live by literally connecting us to the motions and vibrations of one another.

*Sad to say that brands/marketers would have too much fun abusing this.