Excapite: Redesigning the UX of Networked Experiences Graphic
Excapite: Redesiging the UX of Networked Experiences

I wish that I could have written this first, but I so share in the thought that networked experiences do need a redefining beyond simply capturing and measuring attention streams.

My comment to that article:

Its not just desiging a different UX, but blowing away the perceptions of incumbents that networked experiences can happen in a value stream that isn’t a sticky/attention-siphoning moment. I ran into roadblocks with this kind of thinking/action when I used Nokia’s Mobile Web Server and sought to turn my “motion moments” into a more spatial web experience that a simple “site” couldn’t capture. It needs a bit more of a movement, a bit more mass forward I think. But, its the kind of thinking that’s needed unless computing’s destiny for us all is to be the terminals by whihc advertising computes its own value, not the other way around.

I keep coming back to it, but really, Nokia’s Mobile Web Server was way ahead of its time. You might not agree ( a server sits in a room far, far away and you don’t want to be the administrator of the hardware, and just slightly so of the software), and that’s fine. But such a project does just this – taking the networked experince and embedding a location-interdependent action-set (communications) from the outset. From there, its all about the user decoupling some of their streams of communications from the perception that it has to happen in attention-centered spaces.

If we could get to that place again, just imagine the real effect of globalization.

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