HP Pre 3 via Engadget

Years ago, when I was a much more frequent writer for Brighthand, I went through this long and protracted period of grieving for the loss of Palm as a notable mark for hardware and software innovation. First it was the incoming Handspring Treo device, and then Sony’s colorful/hardware-pushing models, and then the delay of version 5 of the operating system which turned into a longer delay and cancellation of version 6. And then the company being sold to private investors. And finally the DNA of the company being refreshed with webOS, then sold to HP.

If you are a fan of Palm, that kind of activity (almost 10 years worth) can feel like the kind of death march that doesn’t seem to end. And yet, it felt like Engadget’s review of the Pre 3 – a model that I wanted as a backup but will not be sold in the USA – was some kind of re-release of that swan song, this time with that kind of bonus material that makes you shake your head like "why was this even considered."

That’s really a shame. As I said in my comment to Engadget’s review, it seems like there is nothing but smiles from those using the Pre (except for those with hardware issues), and that this device seems mostly solid out of the box. Yea, there aren’t as many apps as with some other mobiles, yet so many people don’t download apps (for whatever reason) and just want a pleasing mobile experience with a few apps that just work. That’s what the Pre 3 seems to walk out. It won’t see that future here though. And HP has their reasons for doing so. I just kind of wish that Palm doesn’t become like the Beatles, some innovations deserve to be rested in history for whom they are instead of constantly being dug from the ground and shined with a new casket or headstone.

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